• Break The Ice


    It's been a while
    I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting
    But I'm here now

    I know it's been a while but I'm glad you came
    And I've been thinking 'bout how you say my name
    Got my body spinning like a hurricane
    And it feels like you got me going insane
    And I can't get enough, so let me get it up

    Ooh, looks like we're alone now
    You ain't gotta be scared
    Where you going now?
    I'm a have to floss on you
    Let's get it blazin'
    We can turn the heat up if you wanna
    Turn the lights down low if you wanna
    Just wanna move you but you're frozen
    That's what I'm saying

    Let me break the ice
    Allow me to get you right
    But you warm up to me
    Baby I can make you feel [x2]

    So you warming up yet ?

    You got me hypnotised I never felt this way
    Like an 808, can you rise to the occasion?
    I'm patiently waiting cause it's getting late
    And I can't get enough, so let me get it up

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    I like this part
    Feels kinda good, yeah

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