• Breathe On Me (B ... In The Mix)



    Oh, it's so hot, and I need some air
    And boy, don't stop 'cause I'm halfway there
    It's not complicated, we're just syncopated
    We can read each other's minds
    One love united
    Two bodies synchronising
    Don't even need to touch me
    Baby, just…

    Breathe on me, yeah
    Oh baby just, breathe on me
    We don't need to touch, just
    Breathe, oh, yeah

    Oh, this is way beyond the physical (it's a way beyond the physical)
    Tonight, my senses don't make sense at all
    Our imagination, taking us to places
    We have never been before
    Take me in, let it out
    Don't even need to touch me
    Baby, just …

    Refrain (x2)

    Monogamy is the way to go
    Just put your lips together and blow

    Breathe, breathe …

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