• Everybody


    Everybody, everybody's looking for something

    I'm ferocious, when I see you instantly
    So precocious, assuming that your into me
    So fierce the way, you pierce me with your energy
    My heart's on fire, boy come on and rescue me

    When I see you
    I need you right away (Taking me)
    Can't control the way that I am behavin'
    It's got a hold of me, grabbing me, rapidly
    Romantic dancing, dreams are made of this, yeah

    Come on get to jumpin'
    Movin' next to somethin'
    Feel the temperature risin'
    Come on let's keep gridin'

    It's so real to feel your samba next to me
    So intense when you sense in my vicinity
    Body shakin', achin' I can take
    How I want you so bad
    Boy that I can taste it now

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    Lovers get wild , start flashing your money
    Ladies go crazy and act a fool
    Everybody get down and do what you want to
    The night is still young to be seduced

    Taking in every little thing I see
    Triple tie dancing with the tab complete
    Little boys dancing ‘cause they feeling me
    Sweating cold, fretting, it's the place to be
    Come and sit with me (x2)
    Sit back, you'll see it so beautifully
    Loving everybody, baby, is all you need
    Let go of the way things used to be

    Refrain (x2)

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