• Freakshow


    10pm 10 to 4
    And I came to hit the floor
    Thought you knew before
    But if you don't then now you know
    Yo, tonight I'm ‘bout to mash
    Make them other chicks so mad
    I'm bout to I shake my ass
    Snatch that boy so fast

    It's all about me and u
    Doin' how we do
    Tear the floor up up
    Tell ‘em to make room
    If they wanna know
    Tell ‘em mind their own
    But if they wanna look
    We can give ‘em a encore

    Make it a.... Freakshow, Freak-Freakshow
    We can give ‘em a Peep-peepshow… Peep-peepshow, Peepshow
    Don't stop it let it flow
    Let your inhibitions go
    It's a crazy night
    Let's Make a make a freakshow

    Make it a....
    Freakshow... a freakshow, a freakshow
    Make it a...
    Freakshow… a freakshow, a freakshow

    Make ‘em they clap when we perform
    Wanna see crazy we can show ‘em
    Dancing table top freaky freaky
    So outside the norm
    On some super star ish
    Pushin hot bugatti whips
    Rockin new designer fits
    We can do it if you wit it

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    Me and my girls bout to get it on
    Grab us a couple boys to go [X4]<o:p></o:p>

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    Me and my girls bout to get it on
    Grab us a couple boys to go [X2]<o:p></o:p>

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