• Heaven On Earth


    Your touch, your taste
    Your breath, your face
    Your hands, your head
    You're sweet, your love

    Your teeth, your tongue
    Your eye, you're mine
    Your lips, you're fine
    You're heaven on earth

    I've waited all my life for you
    My favourite kiss, your perfect skin, your perfect smile

    Waking up and you're next to me
    Wrap me up in your arms and back to sleep
    Lay my head on your chest and drift away
    Dream of you and I'm almost half awake

    (The palest green I've ever seen
    The colour of your eyes
    You've taken me so far away
    One look and you stop)

    Fell in love with you and everything that you are
    Nothing I can do I'm really crazy about you
    When you're next to me
    It's just like heaven on earth
    You're heaven
    You're heaven on earth
    Tell me that I'll always be the one that you want
    Don't know what I'd do if I ever lose you
    Look at you and what I see is heaven on earth
    I'm in love with you


    I'd move across the world for you
    Just tell me when, just tell me where, I'll come to you

    Take me back to that place in time
    Images of you occupy my mind
    Far away but I feel you hear with me
    Dream of you and you're almost next to me

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    I'm in love with you
    I said I'm so in love (x2)
    So in love

    Fall off the edge of my mind
    I fall off the edge of my mind for you [x2]

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    I'm so in love (x2)
    I'm so in love with you<o:p></o:p>

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