• I've Just Begun (Having My Fun) (CD Best-Of)

    Hey Miss, select a story that I made up so let's make believe
    4 years ago I had a party that was too much fun for me
    There was this sexy guy he said he'd give me everything I need
    Sometimes I let temptation go to far and get the best of me

    All I gotta say is
    I just wanna have some fun
    And I'll do it till I'm done
    I'm telling you..

    I'm just some crazy kind of girl
    I'll tell it to the world
    I've just begun having my fun, Yeah
    Inside me there's something I found
    I wanna shop around
    I've just begun, don't wanna settle down


    The conversation wasn't going no where till I let down my hair
    He started touching me, kissing me like he didn't care, owww
    I thought at first I should go home but then I'll sleep in the chair



    Refrain bis


    I just wanna have a good time
    I just wanna be myself
    And don't let nobody tell you its any different babe
    I wanna enjoy the sunshine
    And do the things that I need to see what feels good to me
    I'm just so crazy



    I've just begun
    I've just begun having my fun yeah
    I've just begun
    I've just begun having my fun yeah

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