• Ooh Ooh Baby


    The way you smile, the way you taste
    You know I have an appetite for sexy things
    All you do is look at me, it's a disgrace
    What's runnin' through my mind is you up in my face

    Your voice is like music to my ears
    Whisper softly and the world just disappears
    Take me higher and just wipe away my fears
    When you're with me oh boy, it's my heartbeat that I hear

    Ooh, ooh baby
    Touch me and I come alive
    I can feel you on my lips
    I can feel you deep inside
    Ooh, ooh baby
    In your arms I finally breathe
    Wrap me up in all your love
    That's the oxygen I need, yeah

    You're fillin' me up (x5)
    You're fillin' me up with your love

    The more you move, the more I tense
    It's like you got me hypnotised, I'm in a trance
    Your jersey fits, it's right at home, between my hands
    And now I hope you know that I'm your biggest fan, yeah

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    You got something that I really want and
    Come here, we don't even have to talk and
    Lay back and let me tell you what I'm thinkin'
    ‘Cause I like you, ‘cause I like you

    Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby (x5)

    Refrain (x2)

    Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby (x5)

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