• Outta This World


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    Hear me on your radio
    Well here we go
    Please turn up your radio
    Wanna tell you somethin [x2]

    There was a time I used to think
    That love would never turn into reality
    I never thought I'd find the one
    But I tell I'm drawn to you a strength of none

    You must be from heaven, baby, yes you are
    Your love is like a shooting star
    So they can try but they can't touch (touch)
    You gotta look up to us

    Cause your love is outta this world ( oooh )
    And you bring me down to earth
    I love how you put me first ( oooh )
    Make me feel my every word
    Cause I'm sayin, you know this is about you
    I keep sayin you know this is about you
    It must be, this is about you
    I never felt this way
    I know this be a song about you
    Forever, everyday
    I know this be a song about you

    I'll be your moon
    I'll make it bright
    And when it's dark I promise that you'll see the light
    And just as far as the moon from the summer sun
    That's how long that I'll be here
    And it's because


    In my sky, we're the stars
    I'm on bliss, you're all mine
    Hear my plan, understand
    I want you come into my mend, yeah [x2]


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