• Toy Soldier


    Yeah smash on the radio, bet I penned it! (Britney)
    (Break me off)
    OHHHH Toy soldier (x4)

    I'm out the door, it’s automatic, simple babe
    I'm like a fire, bottle bustin’ in your face
    So tired of you bein up in my space
    How much more can I take
    I'm tired of privates drivin, need a general that ain't weak...

    When I shut the door leaving with my bag, hit the scene in my new wagon
    Bet he gonna wish he knew the type of fun I'm getting into
    Peek a boo, he good doing things you wish you could
    He's not talking, he's just walking like them city boys from New York

    This time I need a soldier, a really bad ass soldier
    That know how to take, take care of me
    I'm so damn glad that's over
    This time I need a soldier, I'm sick of toy soldiers
    A boy that knows how to take care of me
    Won't be just coming over...

    I don't want no more (Toy soldier)
    I'm simply sick and tired of those... (Toy soldier) [x2]

    I want it more than ever now
    I realized that they ain't listenin
    Like a princess supposed to get it
    That's why I'm dustin off my fitted
    Coming back looking delicious
    Yes I know they wanna kiss me
    Now I hold them at attention
    ‘Cause new Britney's on a mission...


    Brit, I heard that he was saying he's still in love with you, and
    Brit, I heard he said he could stay if he wanted to, and
    Brit, I heard every man out here is wanting you now
    Brit, I heard, I heard, what you gonna do now ?


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